Secret to long life revealed

Avoid men and eat mush is the secret to longevity, at least according to a 109-year old Scottish lady.

From today’s New York Times: Oats have been a staple of what is now Scotland since the Roman Empire. A village in the Scottish Highlands even hosts a global porridge-making competition, where the Golden Spurtle is the top prize.
The former oldest living woman in Scotland swore by the dish. Before her death in 2015 at age 109, Jessie Gallan revealed her secret to longevity.
“A nice warm bowl of porridge every morning,” she said, and “staying away from men.”

Dolly Parton wisdom

The imitable Ms. Parton recently said in a Parade magazine interview (November 27, 2016) that she’s no angel, despite having played one on TV, and she doesn’t consider herself a star but she knows how to make things work for her.

I admire Dolly’s spirit…she’s always looking to the future, living out her dreams, shakin’ things up. Anything’s possible: “What I ain’t done, I might do yet,” she says. Go Dolly!

Inspiration from actor Michael Caine

From Michael Caine’s memoir “Acting in Film: An Actor’s Take on Movie Making.”

“Success, it may surprise some to hear, comes from doing, not negotiating, not counting lines, not weighing credits. Do it, do it, don’t wait for it.” 

Michael Caine

I think this applies to any craft, writing included.

Looking forward, not back

“Mad Men” graphic designer and artist Milton Glaser on his craft:

“When I’m finished with a job, I’m finished with it. And it just sort of goes into the storage room, and I’m on to the next… Truthfully, I’m more interested in what I’m going to do than what I’ve already done.”

By the way: Mad Men’s seventh and final season begins Sunday April 13.