Pure froth


Just finished Peter Mayle’s The Corsican Caper, a fizzy Champagne of a book. At 162-pages it’s the ideal quick beach read that’s centered on the activities of ultra rich, ultra chic jet setters in the Mediterranean. Did anyone notice the Lester Holt look alike on the charming cover?



Fallon’s sincerity dilutes the pure snark of Letterman and O ‘Brien

Reads the headline in an Associated Press story (March 25) by David Bauder, about Jimmy Fallon, now at the helm of the “Tonight Show,” where he’s evidently doing a splendid job.

“Each segment is funny, good-natured and utterly impossible to imagine Fallon’s old-school predecessor doing,” Bauder says, and NBC chairman Ted Harbert apparently agrees: “There’s a total absence of snarkiness, of cynicism.”

My question: what does this revelation mean to cynics? Are our glory days over?


French sheep making clean sweep in Paris

Associated Press, April 8, 2013:

Paris City Hall installed a small flock of sheep to mow the lawn at the city’s gardens, replacing gas-guzzling lawnmowers.” Four woolly ewes from Brittany are having a blast munching their way around the Archives building. The sheep sweep idea came about after two goats, hired by the Louvre, successfully “mowed” the lawn at the Tuileries, Paris’ fabulous 17th century gardens.

In case you’re wondering, sheep and goat droppings crumble away in days to “an odorless, inoffensive powder that serves as potent fertilizer.”

Lawn sheep
Lawn sheep

Plans are a hoof, er I mean afoot, to install sheep and goats at other famous sites. Already 260 are working in France. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, sheep and goats are non-union and work 24/7 without taking café breaks. Touché!

Busy week: new Pope, Ides of March, Udder Nonsense

Sorry I’ve neglected you, my pets. Was working on my monthly humor column (Udder Nonsense) for Country Pleasures plus I became absorbed with the papal election. Lost most of March 13 watching for white smoke. I’m encouraged and hopeful that Pope Francisco will be able to bring about much-needed and positive changes in the Church. With 1.2 billion people praying for his success, maybe he will.

On other sillier notes: know what else the world needs? Better grammar in rock lyrics. I say this after watching “Glee” Thursday night. Was drawn to the show for some inexplicable reason. Boredom, I guess. Wonder if it’s hard for the smarter singers to have to use “He done me wrong,” type of stuff. Hate it! Part of the dumbing down of America.

This season’s new crop of Glee “kids” may not be as pretty or talented as the oldies, but Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester, evil-doer, continues to entertain.

Survived the Ides of March, mostly by hibernating in my office cave, staying off the roads, and drinking lots of tequila.