“Telenovela” fun

Eva Longorias hit show “Telenovela,” airing Monday nights on NBC is slapstick comedy in the grand tradition. With a zany cast of supporting characters, deliciously nutty plots and lots of Big Hair and rippling muscles, it’s great escapist fun.




Home improvement remodeling fun

Just discovered a funny, wonderful website called Casa Decrepit, that follows the misadventures of a couple remodeling their Italianate Victorian in Alameda, California. They’re on Facebook, too.

Victorian house B:W

Today’s homily from Irish writer Conor Fitzgerald

From The Fatal Touch, a Commissario Alec Blume Novel:

“A friend is not someone who doubts, hassles, probes, questions and disbelieves you: that’s what wives are for.”


The New Porker-hilarious blog recently discovered

“Reachinguptopia” blogger (very handsome if that’s really him in the photo or it could be Mario Lopez) responded to my writing contests entry and that lead me to a blog he follows: The New Porker.

Although Porker refers to animal excretions more than this princess likes, he/she has a very funny Onionesse quality. And love the piggy theme!

My friend Albert


Any Auntie Mame fans out there?

Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame with Fred Clark.

I’m speaking of the divine novel Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis and the fabulous movie of the same name starring Rosalind Russell.

Let’s talk!


11 words you’re probably mispronouncing

Just found this on a UK site. Got all of them right except for boatswain. And they forgot forte.  Click here.


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