Secret to long life revealed

Avoid men and eat mush is the secret to longevity, at least according to a 109-year old Scottish lady.

From today’s New York Times: Oats have been a staple of what is now Scotland since the Roman Empire. A village in the Scottish Highlands even hosts a global porridge-making competition, where the Golden Spurtle is the top prize.
The former oldest living woman in Scotland swore by the dish. Before her death in 2015 at age 109, Jessie Gallan revealed her secret to longevity.
“A nice warm bowl of porridge every morning,” she said, and “staying away from men.”

Mamma Mia!

A McDonald’s opened last week just outside Vatican City, within eyeshot of St. Peter’s Square and amidst protestations from Catholic officials. On the upside the Vatican will get about 30,000 euros, or about $31,375.50, per month in rent, La Repubblica reported.


Help for tired, listless and run-down folks

Just received my new TV Guide with an ad for the “first ever” “I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin Doll!” The 14-inch “poseable” doll wears blue gingham and pearls, speaks in Lucy’s own voice, plays the “I Love Lucy” theme song, and is endorsed by CBS and Desilu, too.

Only $129.99!Lucy



Roz Chast book a winner

Read Roz Chast’s best-selling memoir “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?” in one sitting. It’s a heroic, poignant, funny book about how she coped with her parents’ painful descent into senility and the ravages of old age. Very relatable for anyone dealing with aggravating elderly parents.



Madcap book signing Dec. 6–great gifts!

I’ll be appearing, along with other local writers, at the Lewis County Historical Museum’s annual fundraiser Evening with the AuthorsFriday December 6 from 4 to 7 PM in Chehalis, Washington.

GibsongirlwritingletterThe book signing/sale will feature all the books in the “Madcap” Mary humor series in addition to Publishing Syndicate’s “new” anthology Not Your Mother’s Book on Home Improvement.”

“Madcap” Mary books range in price from $5 to $7. NYMB on Home Improvement is $10 (that’s $7 off the retail price!)

Enjoy complimentary Chehalis Mints candies and enter to win a “Madcap” Mary book!

Call toll free 877-775-0093 or email me at for details.