Italian comfort food

Was casting about on the Internet when I discovered this wonderful site–CookingItalianComfortFood, hosted by an Italian named Peter Bocchieri who celebrates authentic Italian food that everyone can make. No pretentiousness or expensive hard-to-find ingredients. Just good eats! His recipes look “dee lish,” in the words of Rachel Ray, and I love the colorful close-ups of the finished dishes. Grazie, Peter!


Baba Ghanouj to you, too!

Cotolette di Melanzane

Cotolette di Melanzane

Avoiding all the earth-shaking breaking news today I’m focusing instead on a vegetable. New York Times writer Mark Bittman sings praises of the eggplant, which I learned to love during my first visit to Rome. I prepare it at home in several incarnations, my favorite being Mario Batali’s Cotolette di Melanzane (eggplant cutlets).

No one in my family likes eggplant, so I get it all to myself!!

Vodka-lemon gelato: summer madness!

lemongelatojpgThe clever folks at Haagen Dazs have come up with a delectable creation sure to appeal to grown-up ice cream lovers and hit the spot this summer: Limoncello Gelato!–vodka blended with zesty lemon.

According to the Crazy Food Dude the gelato is smooth, creamy and “the flavor itself was a potent mix of sweet and tangy lemon and that lemon flavor was so strong, it was almost as if it had a “fresh” lemon flavor.”

No Bones About It–KFC shakes up chicken world

Fast-food giant KFC announced it is eliminating bones in chicken as of April 14, but thank God only in its 4,500 US locations (the Europeans and Asians are safe). Muscle meat will be stripped off the bones, ground into paste and Super-Glued unto edible Popsicle sticks shaped like breasts, wings and thighs.

Eventually KFC will use only meat from boneless chickens, which are being genetically altered and bred in a secret location, (coincidentally the same location where KFC mixes its secret recipe).

The move came after research showed that younger people, who are the only consumers who count, don’t like bones­­.

SpokesHen, Chicki-“Little Red,” Gonzalez of the Society for the Preservation of Chicken Bones, issued a statement condemning KFC’s action. “We’ve got some bones to pick with you KFC!”

Longing for the good ole days
Longing for the good ole days