Attention bohemian fashionistas!

Intrepid bargain hunter, Jo Anne Lauzer of Vancouver, B.C.’s Secondhand Savvy discovered Bohemia Gallery, yet another fantastic source for fashionistas who want to make a statement–whether at Burning Man, a costume party or just everyday zany. Celebrate your bohemian side!

Bohemia Gallery
3243 Main Street (at 16th)
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 874-2781




Poor writing & grammar skills proliferate

“What surprises me most about people’s skills is how poor their writing and grammar are, even for college graduates.” Eleonora Sharef, co-founder of HireArt.

Sharef was referring to job applicants, but I also see an enormous tsunami of “indy” or “self-published” writers who lack writing and grammar skills. These knuckleheads have proliferated because it’s easy to become a “published” writer via vanity presses, POD publishing and eBooks.

It’s shocking and unacceptable, and why I couldn’t stomach our local writers’ group after two meetings. With the exception of a local newspaper reporter and a young wannabe novelist, no one in the room had a clue about the basics of writing nor did they have any desire to learn. Heaven forbid anyone would fact-check, proofread his/her work or spell correctly. That’s for amateurs!

One old fellow, who they cheer on and applaud for some incomprehensible reason, has self-published 33 books of unreadable, unsellable drivel! They’re an oozing mass of co-dependent, lazy, talentless numbskulls. And there are millions more out there in Cyberspace! Scary!

Great bull balls of fire!

Budget Travel really stretched for subject matter as evidenced by its article on the “hamlets of central Nebraska,” in the May/June issue. Why go to Paris when you can enjoy fried bull testicles at the Northside Bar & Café in beautiful downtown Burwell (only $7 for a half-dozen)?

Had it with the boring beaches of Bora Bora? Sick and tired of the same gorgeous pink sands and turquoise waters of Anse Source d’Argent? Try livestock water tanking! Yes, for only 20 bucks the folks at Glidden Canoe Rental (an obvious misnomer) in Mullen, Nebraska will strap you into a livestock-watering tank (hopefully it’s been sanitized) and set you afloat on one of the state’s many lakes or rivers. Each tank seats eight. Uh-huh.