Dolly Parton wisdom

The imitable Ms. Parton recently said in a Parade magazine interview (November 27, 2016) that she’s no angel, despite having played one on TV, and she doesn’t consider herself a star but she knows how to make things work for her.

I admire Dolly’s spirit…she’s always looking to the future, living out her dreams, shakin’ things up. Anything’s possible: “What I ain’t done, I might do yet,” she says. Go Dolly!

Help for tired, listless and run-down folks

Just received my new TV Guide with an ad for the “first ever” “I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin Doll!” The 14-inch “poseable” doll wears blue gingham and pearls, speaks in Lucy’s own voice, plays the “I Love Lucy” theme song, and is endorsed by CBS and Desilu, too.

Only $129.99!Lucy



Omar Sharif dead at 83

One of the most handsome men on the planet, a favorite leading actor, Peter O’Toole’s great friend, internationally known bridge expert and multi-lingual Egyptian star OMAR SHARIF died today, July 10.

Will anyone forget his thrilling first scene in David Lean‘s mega-hit Lawrence of Arabia?” 

He shall be missed.

Omar Sharif
Omar Sharif

Mrs. George Clooney

Wanted to pass this on (from CNN) as we await People magazine’s cover story on the Clooney nuptials in Venice this weekend:

“The bride wore a custom Oscar de la Renta gown that featured French lace, hand-embroidered pearls and diamanté accents, an off-the-shoulder neckline and a full circular train. The groom was dressed in a Giorgio Armani tuxedo with a white shirt, black bow tie and customized cuff links from his bride, with his name inscribed in Arabic.”

Who’s dressing Whoopi Goldberg?

At Joan Rivers’ splashy funeral today in New York Whoopi entered wearing what I can only assume was a Home Ec project gone horribly awry–a draped tent-like creation of triangulated flappy black fabrics stitched together with reckless abandon. Old Whoop is ready for Halloween!

Joan would have hated it!

Reeling from recent news in the entertainment industry

So…we lost the fabulously irascible Elaine Stritch last month, the marvelously talented novelist Dame Mary Stewart in May, our beloved James Garner recently, and now word comes of Robin Williams taking his own life at the young age of 63, and the passing of screen and stage legend Lauren “Betty” Bacall at the age of 89. Ms. Bacall had a gorgeous figure, and a style and elegance that was the epitome of “cool.”

Betty Bacall
Betty Bacall

As for Mr. Williams, so much has been said that I’ll only add that I hope his death is a wake-up call for people who are depressed to seek help.

Here’s a great quote from New York Times film critic A.O. Scott:”Robin Williams was one of the most explosively, exhaustingly, prodigiously verbal comedians who ever lived, and the only thing faster than Williams’s mouth was his mind.”