“Mercy Street” PBS flop

Mercy me–“Mercy Street” on PBS is truly awful. I started watching out of boredom and continue to hope (obviously against all odds) that this sorry mess of a Civil War tale will improve. A few of my complaints: the terrible and inconsistent accents, turgid dialogue laced with 21st century expressions, the ill-fitting costumes and wigs, the dime store fake Victorian jewelry, even a buzz cut on the actor playing a preacher, Gary Cole’s unkempt hair and beard, and bad casting choices. A completely lackluster production.


One thought on ““Mercy Street” PBS flop

  1. Totally agree with every point you made. I tried watching the first episode and stopped. The main female actor and male actor sounded so Californian. No attempt to affect the mannerisms of the times. And all the gratuitous guts and blood are just there to distract us from the bad acting, dialogue, and funny looking Halloween costumes.

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