New fall TV shows

Up from the depths: placed our 95-year-old mother in an adult family home after a series of health crises. She loathes the place, is filled with rage, and not speaking to me. It’s been a fun-filled couple of weeks around here.

The PBS three-part series “Breathless,” was a “Mad Men” wannabe but had some great moments, especially the scene with the menopausal wife of a cheating spouse whose doctors give her short shrift: pumping her full of hormones and anti-depressants which make her bonkers. What she really needed was a divorce and an affair with a much-younger man.

Love the new season of “Good Wife” with its great scripts, wonderful acting, and Margulies’s and Baranski’s fabulous costumes and jewelry.

I started watching the dreadful “Madame Secretary” because of my fondness for Téa Leoni and Tim Daly, and then kept at it. The only explanation I have is that Channel 11 took “The Closer” off its 8 PM schedule.

Not only is Ms. Leoni wrong for the part, several of her supporting cast members are really smarmy (the kid who plays her son; that perpetual bummer dude Zeljko Ivanek; creepy Geoffrey Arend and his equally creepy cohort Patina Miller) and the scripts are insipid. Naturally, it’s a hit!

Speaking of unbelievable scripts ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” is another inexplicable hit. I’m only hanging in until they reveal who killed the husband and why. Fast forward please—put me out of my misery!

As for PBS: I liked the new, albeit very short season of “Inspector Lewis” but, as sacrilegious as this sounds I wasn’t very taken with “Death Comes to Pemberley,” a Masterpiece Theatre two-parter that aired last night.

While it was fun recognizing the actor who plays an ADA on “The Good Wife” and the actress who played Doc Martin’s inept substitute as Darcy’s housekeeper, disturbing images of Matthew Rhys in “The Americans” kept surfacing. I had to tune out of “The Americans” and “The Bridge” because of the high level of smut and violence that my fragile soul couldn’t handle.

However, I’ll probably watch Episode II of Pemberley (by the way I couldn’t get into P.D. James’ book either) because I must find out whodunit.


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