Glad those darn “Roosevelts” are over

Fourteen hours was too much, although most of the PBS-Ken Burns‘ series was fascinating and made anyone who had a good childhood rejoice. My attention wandered around episode six. Kept wishing Eleanor had discovered quality foundation garments early on but maybe she didn’t have time to squeeze into a girdle or get fitted for a decent bra what with her constant “gallivanting” as the Republicans liked to say.

Astonished at FDR‘s lifelong philandering although easy to see why women were attracted to him…what a dynamic personality!

Really related to Eleanor’s struggle with FDR’s odious mother and loved the bit about Eleanor attempting to wash lettuce!

Perhaps I was taking a quick break and missed it, but I didn’t hear any mention of T.R’s namesake the teddy bear, nothing about the Marian Anderson debacle, nothing about how much investment money FDR lost during the Great Crash of 1929, not enough about what became of all the Roosevelt children from both families, no follow up on whether Eleanor ever forgave her daughter Anna or spoke to the cruel woman who spilled the beans about who was there when FDR died (uncalled for meanness!), and absolutely zip about whether or not FDR was still able to have intimate relations after becoming so ill at age 39 from what they thought at the time was polio.

Liked most of the voice artists, although I sometimes had difficulty understanding Meryl Streep as Eleanor Roosevelt.


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