History Channel botches “The World Wars”

History Channel’s recent “The World Wars” 3-part series was a disappointment.

The actors chosen to play Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini, FDR, Patton, and MacArthur looked and sounded nothing like the real thing (right down to eye-color and physical demeanor) and when they were supposedly middle aged they looked too old, with the exception of the cardboard figure playing Stalin who was too young and never aged. Especially bad was the actor playing Harry Truman.

Another details the History Channel got wrong: hair. All the actors sported shaggy 2014-era hairstyles. Lots of other things didn’t work either: flowers blooming out of season, MacArthur unkempt and sweating like a stuck pig in the bunker while everyone around him looked cool as a cucumber, (any student of history knows MacArthur never sweated), using the same WWI actors and settings in the WWII scenes, no mention whatsoever of Eisenhower, Montgomery, or major WWII events such as El Alamein, Dunkirk, and the Bataan Death March.

Time was obviously the enemy during production of “The World Wars” because it suffered greatly by excluding the women in the leaders’ lives, the British royal family, and what was going on at the home front. PBS does better.


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