Good Wife shocker and Oprah’s ironic cover

Actor Josh Charles, of The Good Wife (on CBS)  wanted to be released from his contract so the show’s creators decided to go the Matthew Crawley route (Downton Abbey) by killing him off. Shocking, of course, but they wanted to stir things up. I’m sure all his fans wish Mr. Charles the best of luck.

Now, about Oprah:

O’s April cover features her drastically Photoshopped in a 1970s flip wig, bulges removed, slenderized, with almost gamine-like legs, and looking 25 or 26 instead of 60. Oprah’s ability to manipulate reality has always fascinated me but what struck me is the cover’s irony.

Oprah constantly lectures about the importance of being “authentic,” yet anyone who watched her in “The Butler,” or during recent TV appearances knows she’s not thin, not even close. For a while O was celebrating her shape, however plump and puffy, and I respected that. However this cover screams disingenuous.




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