Psych, Doc Martin, Downton Abbey

Psych-7644131The lovable lunatics of USA network’s Psych are calling it quits after eight zany seasons. Happily the crazy pair has logged enough shows to run in syndication forever, but we’ll miss the fresh antics of Sean and Gus and the cool supporting cast.

Doc Martin‘s series six premieres Friday, March 21, at 8:00 p.m. on PBS. My favorite curmudgeon played by cheerful-in-real-life Martin Clunes, returns next month with a wedding (finally!) to the beautiful, ever-patient Louisa (Caroline Catz). Visit the US-Doc Martin fan site here.


Edith’s in a pickle, Mary’s into pigs, Bates is about to blow a fuse when he uncovers the awful truth about what happened to his beloved Anna, and cousin Rose is riding for a fall. It’s all part of the fun at Downton Abbey.



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