On the Hoffman death: just my opinion

Once again the media are making a big to-do about the sudden death of yet another celebrity and professional drug addict—this time Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Yes, he was an excellent actor but does that mean he deserves to get more press coverage than Maximilian Schell, the Oscar-winning Austrian actor who died Feb. 1st at age 83 without 75 bags of heroin at his side?

I know the message about the evils of drug addiction must be shared, it just seems we focus too much on people who don’t deserve our adulation. The fact Hoffman was the father of three young children makes his story even more sordid, his actions more reprehensible. Unlike thousands of addicts, Hoffman had vast resources at his disposal to cope with or kick his depression, obesity and drug habit. Shameful, really shameful.


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