Shirley MacLaine confesses: she’s over all that

Loved Shirley MacLaine’s 2011 “I’m Over All That And Other Confessions,” an inspirational and amusing collection of observations based on her amazing off-the-grid life. It’s filled with anecdotes about travel, Hollywood, politics and social mores, but nothing about her daughter Sachi Parker, no surprise after Parker’s tell-all came out in February and pretty much trashed her mama. Oh, dear, bad karma there.

Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine

3 thoughts on “Shirley MacLaine confesses: she’s over all that

  1. Which is better; having a few less awards and being a good mom or having more awards and having been a terrible mother? Sachi is entitled to success and everyone has the right to be honest about the true events of their lives. Perhaps Ms. MacClaine wouldn’t be facing this if she had cherished her daughter’s soul in accordance with her stated spiritual beliefs. She’s sold enough of her own books based on this premise. I learned much more from Sachi’s book. It made me deeply appreciate my parents love and realize that their generosity, protectiveness and self-sacrifice can not be out weighed by the great sums of money and overwhelming success that Shirley MacClaine has earned to the exclusion of all else. No bad karma with Sachi’s book; just a more admirable role model.

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