French sheep making clean sweep in Paris

Associated Press, April 8, 2013:

Paris City Hall installed a small flock of sheep to mow the lawn at the city’s gardens, replacing gas-guzzling lawnmowers.” Four woolly ewes from Brittany are having a blast munching their way around the Archives building. The sheep sweep idea came about after two goats, hired by the Louvre, successfully “mowed” the lawn at the Tuileries, Paris’ fabulous 17th century gardens.

In case you’re wondering, sheep and goat droppings crumble away in days to “an odorless, inoffensive powder that serves as potent fertilizer.”

Lawn sheep
Lawn sheep

Plans are a hoof, er I mean afoot, to install sheep and goats at other famous sites. Already 260 are working in France. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, sheep and goats are non-union and work 24/7 without taking café breaks. Touché!


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