Film critic Roger Ebert passes

I’ve collected meaningful, inspirational and funny quotations since I was old enough to read. Culled from books, magazine articles, folks I met at the Laundromat, and yes, even the Internet, my collection also includes Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations (faux leather edition, 1,578-pages, copyright 1937–Kipling had just died!), Frank’s Wit & Humor Quotations (2000) and The Quotable Woman (Running Press 1991).

To mark the passing today of Roger Ebert, Pulitzer-Prize winning film critic–a sensible man in an insane world, I’ll share two of his quotes that made me laugh and nod in agreement:

In his review of Lost in Translation Ebert said: ”In the mathematics of celebrity intergenerational dating you can take five years off the man’s age for every million dollars of income.”

In reviewing some light weight rom-com: “It is all right to go to a romantic comedy and not demand it be a searing portrait of the way we live now.”

Farewell Roger.

Roger Ebert

Photo from Chicago Magazine


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