Reality contestant forfeits $100,000 over typo

I watch only one reality show, The Next Great Baker, and it has to be in abbreviated doses because there’s way too much phony drama for me. The latest season had the usual cast of lame and unlikeable characters and much shouting, profanity and inappropriate behavior.

Although I wasn’t expecting quality TV, I was truly appalled by the actions of one of the finalists on the finale this past Monday night. Gretel-Ann, in a desperate attempt to win at all costs, hid baking sheets and turned up the temp on her competitor’s ovens, which handicapped her opponents.

“It’s not cheating,” she smirked.

“You’re reprehensible!” I shouted at the TV.

When her cake didn’t win the top prize, I was delighted. Not only did this dame cheat, she misspelled Venetian (they were in Vegas at the Venetian Resort Hotel) on her cake and just shrugged it off.

The final choice between the two finalists came down to Buddy, the Cake Boss, and he wisely chose Ashley who was the superior baker from the beginning.

Cheats and the spelling-challenged must be punished! Bravo Buddy!


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