Once was quite enough, thank you, of Bristol Palin, so my husband and I are forgoing “Dancing with the Stars” this season. This frees up our Monday and Tuesday evenings to enjoy more lofty pursuits­–such as Jell-O wrestling and bingo out at the casino.

That said, I AM looking forward in the coming weeks to the premiere of what promises to be some outstanding TV shows: “Vegas” on CBS, Sept. 25, “Last Resort,” ABC, and “Elementary,” CBS, on Sept. 27 and new seasons for “Castle,” ABC, and “Blue Bloods,” CBS. I also plan to tune in to ABC’s “Nashville,” Oct. 10; “Girls Night Out,” Oct. 6 and “Upstairs, Downstairs,” season 2, Oct. 7, both on PBS.

Surprised myself­–I liked “Revolution” Monday nights on NBC. Watching the repeats on the weekends, since I also like “Major Crimes,” although it’s a shadow of its former self without Kyra Sedgwick. Lt. Provenza’s personality has changed and not for the better, and I think that’s part of the problem–that and the fact Mary McDonnell hasn’t the presence or pizazz of Ms. Sedgwick.

What does have pizazz is the CBC production of “Titanic, Blood and Steel,” airing Wednesdays at 9 here in the Northwest. It features sumptuous costumes, realistic sets and an excellent cast.


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