David Rakoff dies-world loses a wonderful writer

I cannot properly express my sorrow at hearing about the loss of beloved writer David Rakoff at the shockingly young age of 47. He was felled by cancer on August 9 in New York. Witty, cynical, and an astute observer of life, David was honest, kind and tolerant of human foibles and I adored him.  He was a popular contributor to NPR (This American Life), as well as the author of “Fraud,” “Don’t Get Too Comfortable;” a marvelous collection of comic essays entitled “Half-Empty;” and many freelance articles in notable publications.

“The world is a little less kind and a little less beautiful today,” his longtime editor, Bill Thomas, said in a statement. Attribution: Philly.com

“There were hundreds of reasons to love David,” said Thomas, who is senior vice president, publisher and editor-in-chief of Doubleday. “He was of course incredibly charming, witty and learned, a brilliant raconteur with the quickest mind imaginable, but most of all he was a generous soul. Though his life was cut infuriatingly short, it was rich beyond measure.”

Doubleday plans to publish Mr. Rakoff’s final work next year. The title: Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die; Cherish, Perish. -Attribution: AP


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