Jane Fonda’s “Prime Time”

If ever I have the cash to get some cosmetic work done I want Jane Fonda’s plastic surgeon. At 74 she looks, in the words of Billy Crystal, mahvelous, just mahvelous. Being naturally beautiful and a fitness freak undoubtedly contributes to Ms. Fonda’s youthful appearance.

Ms. Fonda’s latest bestseller is “Prime Time,” a well-researched self-help book about “making the most of all of your life,” especially in its “Third Act.” She covers well-trod territory with chapters on love, health, sex, fitness, friendship and spirit. I enjoyed seeing photos of her family and friends, and save for the usual hokum that goes with celebrity books (she refers ad nauseum to the term “generativity,” one of those phony made-up words I hate), it’s an interesting read.

Photo from ABC News


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