Army surplus store missing an outfit

Was Meryl Streep channeling Obi-Wan Kenobi at last night’s SAG Awards? On my TV screen her hideous gown looked army green and was extremely unflattering. Even the belt appeared to be an exact replica of Obi’s. What was she thinking?

Other thoughts on the event: Beautiful perky Stacy Keibler makes great arm candy for the “Silver Fox,” but can’t George Clooney find a girl who is shorter than him?

Wow! How difficult it must have been for SAG voters to pick the “outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series” winner out of what has to be the most sensational lineup in recent memory: Oscar winners Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange (who won), Glenn Close, Julianna Margulies and Kyra Sedgwick, all of whom are fabulous actresses.

By the way, I loathe this stupid business of referring to actresses as “female actors.” It’s the lamest, dumbest trend out of Hollywood and I thought they were over it, but apparently not.


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