“Bossypants” & “Fiction Ruined My Life” reviews

“Bossypants,” is mis-titled. Undoubtedly some publicist came up with the title and goofy cover to attract attention and promote sales (maybe the same publicist who chose “Shockaholic” over “My Love for My Failed Father.”) Anyway, the book’s author, Tina Fey, is an engaging writer and if you’re fascinated with the inner workings behind NBC’s “30 Rock,” this is the book for you.

With the exception of one horrible incident in her childhood, Fey leads a charmed life. She was raised by Republicans in a stable family, enjoyed a childhood that nurtured her talents, went to college, married sensibly, and was in the right place at the right time­–a trend that continues for her. And although I disagree with her opinions on breast feeding, and I thought she focused too much on her teen years (who cares?) I enjoyed the book. That said, when Book Page chose “Bossypants” as one of the best books of 2011, I couldn’t help but wonder why.

Although I’m not the daughter of alcoholics I could really relate to Jeanne Darst’s fabulous “Fiction Ruined My Life, A Memoir”­ –a hard luck story filled with unbelievable tales of parental neglect, addictions and finally-redemption. Being a cynic, however, and from little hints Darst threw out from time to time I wonder how much of this memoir is embellished. Darn good reading, though.


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