TV reviews

I know I’m Johnny-come-lately with these comments…sorry:

I’m worried about Jim Caviezel, star of CBS’s “Person of Interest” (Thursday nights). He’s only 43, but looks tired, worried, and stressed out. I’m not nuts about the premise or the scripts, so maybe that’s what is stressing him out. The most handsome and intense of actors with a rich thrilling voice, Mr. Caviezel is a Washington State native (go boy!) who deserves better roles. I loved him in “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and thought he was wonderful in “Angel Eyes” with Jennifer Lopez (another underrated actress who needs better scripts). Note to network executives: please find something more useful for Mr. C to do.

The Good Wife” received an infusion of humor and irony this season and not only has Alicia changed her life and her hairstyle, her character has lightened up—much to my delight. It’s delicious adult fare—one of the most entertaining on TV, but I’m mighty annoyed CBS moved the show to Sunday—in competition with “Masterpiece” on PBS and “Desperate Housewives” on ABC. Fortunately I can catch up with GW and DH via On Demand.

I’ve made numerous attempts to like “Body of Proof” but Dana Delany’s smug smirk is a total turn-off. And the notion a professional woman who’s on her feet all day would wear those highly inappropriate 30-something heels—even Oprah confesses she can only tolerate high-high heels for about 20 minutes, is dumb. Get real! I also think “Dr. Curtis Brimfield,” the fat goofy medical examiner, is very inauthentic, very unfunny. I know he’s there for comic relief but honestly in real life an M.D. at his level would never behave so unprofessionally. It’s almost as if he’s been dropped in from a different series. The only good thing about this lame show is the eternally sexy Joanna Cassidy who appears occasionally as Delany’s political steamroller of a mother. But “Proof” again fails the Madcap Mary reality test since Ms. Cassidy, 66, is only 11 years older than Ms. Delany. Of course on TV everyone is at least 10 years younger than his or her actual age.

Harry’s Law,” on NBC, is another show I’ve valiantly watched a half-dozen times, but despite the ever-fabulous Kathy Bates it doesn’t live up to its potential. Naturally when David E. Kelley is involved in a production you can expect the unexpected but the constant craziness gets tiresome. I nearly wept, but not in a good way, at a recent horrendous episode with guest star Katherine Helmond. I’m not a prudish Republican, but I simply don’t need that kind of soul searing shocking garbage in my life.

My therapist told me about “America’s Got Talent,” a show I never watch, and the amazing 2011 winner Landau Murphy, Jr., the car wash guy who sounds like Frank Sinatra. I found him on YouTube and while a Frankophile such as myself can easily distinguish between this dude and Ol’ Blue Eyes, I thought Murphy was good. No threat to Frank Jr., Michael Bublé or Harry Connick, Jr., but shows promise. Needs help with his enunciation, some dental work, and the dreadlocks definitely must go but that will come when he gets a Susan Boyle makeover. Speaking of Sinatra have you visited the Sinatra family’s official web site?


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