Cary Grant ~ James Garner books

Just finished “Good Stuff: A Reminiscence of My Father, Cary Grant” by Jennifer Grant. Ms. Grant, whose jacket photo appears to be a publicity still taken ten years ago, is no Joan Didion, but this slim volume filled with intimate family photos and notes from her father’s archives, is her heartfelt love letter to her dad. If you’re looking for Hollywood gossip or any insight about Cary Grant’s illustrious career, except for a few mentions of Frank Sinatra and quotes from Mrs. Cary Grant number three, Betsy Drake, forget it. Grant’s career was long over when Jennifer came along and he never spoke about it.

Speaking of celeb books: James Garner’s memoir– The Garner Files: A Memoir,” co-written with Jon Winokur, with an intro by Jim’s longtime pal Julie Andrews, debuts November 1.  I adore Mr. Garner and can’t wait for the book.


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