Dancing, grammarian, Libya debacle, recipe silliness

Your honor I object to the use of  “grizzled” as a verb.

“I watched 10 minutes. It’s not my thing,” Grohl grizzled, referring to his distaste for the hit TV show “Glee,” in a Hollywood Reporter article by Jay A. Fernandez and Shirley Halperin. For the millions of folks who’ve never heard of Grohl, he’s the “frontman” for a group of singers called Foo Fighters. For the millions of folks who’ve never heard of Foo Fighters, count your blessings.

Oops! Condé Nast Traveler’s April issue lists Libya as one of “The 15 Best Places to See Right Now.” “The country offers some of the world’s best-preserved Roman archeological riches,” the mag gushed. And stunning views of burned out F-15E jet fighters littering the “endless sands of the Sahara,” too!

In this week’s “Get Real” category:

More ridiculous recipes that no one normal would ever make from the April Sunset: pea shoot charmoula sandwiches dusted with smoked Spanish paprika, anyone? I was amazed, however, to see, for the maybe the first time in recorded history, African-American and Latino faces in Sunset.

Dancing with the Stars

Tough girl Kirstie Alley scored high in last night’s 12th season premiere of the world’s most annoying reality show, and you gotta hand it to her, the girl has spunk. I was worried she was going to have a coronary, though.

And Ralphie, (may I call you Ralphie Mr. Macchio?), paired with spitfire Karina Smirnoff (is she related to the vodka people?) was adorable. If he can overcome those “creepy” hands Bruno complained about, he’ll go far.

Unfortunately the rest of the celebrity dancers were pretty lame in every sense of the word. Evidentially good looks will only get you so far.


One thought on “Dancing, grammarian, Libya debacle, recipe silliness

  1. I love your blog! It has charm, sarcasm, wit and all the other valuable attributes of the indomitable English language. More, please……..

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