What’s new Feb. 24, 2011


Reviews and comments on recent magazine, newspaper and Web articles, “breaking news” stories, books, TV shows and films

This week’s discoveries

March SUNSET, page 110B: Handmade Italian terracotta planters, jars, and urns. Email them for prices and shipping charges. Warning: since this is Sunset, they’re probably astronomically expensive. http://www.tuscanimports.com

Sunset is also offering their wonderful classic covers in posters and note card form. Visit http://www.sunset.com/posters for details.

After being mentioned in The New York Times (“The 41 Places to Go in 2011,” Jan. 7, 2011) and by Sunset in their March issue (page 22), Willows Inn, on Lummi Island in the San Juan Islands, is probably doing booming business.

On the other hand: I guess Sunset had to find SOMETHING nice to say so they touted the “ruggedly beautiful” glories of the “new Utah.” (Page 58).  In reality: harsh moonscapes set in a remote part of the country and devoid of charm. I say ugh to Utah!

Wretched Excess: A $32 ceramic compost crock? Really? Same product available for $19 online and at numerous brick and mortar stores. Page 77.

Eggplant recipe (page 86). Horrendously time-consuming, as are most Sunset recipes. Get real.

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, March 2011 issue

Excellent piece on Acapulco (if you’re brave enough to visit), and a glowing article about Vienna.

WRITER’S DIGEST, March/April 2011

Conference Scene: Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) conference in Vancouver, B.C. this June has long been sold out, but get on their waiting list and pray for a miracle. Undoubtedly the amazingly low $80 fee had something to do with its popularity. Sounds like fun, sorry I’ll miss it.

FUNNY TIMES, March 2011

Outdid itself this month with hilarious cartoons. I call your attention especially to page 3. By the way, if you love laughing and need more joy in your life subscribe to Funny Times: http://www.funnytimes.com.

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