Secret to long life revealed

Avoid men and eat mush is the secret to longevity, at least according to a 109-year old Scottish lady.

From today’s New York Times: Oats have been a staple of what is now Scotland since the Roman Empire. A village in the Scottish Highlands even hosts a global porridge-making competition, where the Golden Spurtle is the top prize.
The former oldest living woman in Scotland swore by the dish. Before her death in 2015 at age 109, Jessie Gallan revealed her secret to longevity.
“A nice warm bowl of porridge every morning,” she said, and “staying away from men.”

My New Years Resolutions – By Vincent the Cat

I especially like the bit about accomplishing absolutely nothing. I can relate!

The Trumplandia Review

Today’s post is brought to you by guest writer Vincent the Cat.

cat-new-year2 Vincent, Guest Columnist

Vincent is our family cat and our feline Writer-in-Residence (seen at right looking every bit the unprincipled wastrel you might expect from the Rotting Post mascot.)

We adopted him from a shelter a couple of years ago, and though shy at first, he quickly assumed his rightful place as master of the house.



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Dolly Parton wisdom

The imitable Ms. Parton recently said in a Parade magazine interview (November 27, 2016) that she’s no angel, despite having played one on TV, and she doesn’t consider herself a star but she knows how to make things work for her.

I admire Dolly’s spirit…she’s always looking to the future, living out her dreams, shakin’ things up. Anything’s possible: “What I ain’t done, I might do yet,” she says. Go Dolly!

Five Products from Hammacher Schlemmer That Will Make You Jump Up and Down Shouting, “Huh!”

We at The Rotting Post proudly present the following completely real products that we officially guarantee will be used up to one time before landing in the back of your closet.   What’s more, they…

Source: Five Products from Hammacher Schlemmer That Will Make You Jump Up and Down Shouting, “Huh!”

Help for tired, listless and run-down folks

Just received my new TV Guide with an ad for the “first ever” “I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin Doll!” The 14-inch “poseable” doll wears blue gingham and pearls, speaks in Lucy’s own voice, plays the “I Love Lucy” theme song, and is endorsed by CBS and Desilu, too.

Only $129.99!Lucy



“Mercy Street” PBS flop

Mercy me–“Mercy Street” on PBS is truly awful. I started watching out of boredom and continue to hope (obviously against all odds) that this sorry mess of a Civil War tale will improve. A few of my complaints: the terrible and inconsistent accents, turgid dialogue laced with 21st century expressions, the ill-fitting costumes and wigs, the dime store fake Victorian jewelry, even a buzz cut on the actor playing a preacher, Gary Cole’s unkempt hair and beard, and bad casting choices. A completely lackluster production.